We use building blocks to encourage spatial recognition. Courses are designed around 2 Hour long sessions incorporating LEGO® or other building materials. Some courses have single sessions and others have multiple day courses.

Courses start at $49.99!

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Painting explore finger paints to acrylics in a safe and encouraging environment, with out the mess.

Courses start at $49.99!

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Pens and Comics

Learn to write poems, short stories, let your imagination turn to the pages. Or take your imagination to new levels creating your child very own super heros. 

Courses start at $49.99!

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Course Structures

Individual or Group

Individual courses to allow kids to develop at their own pace or receive the attention to specific steps they require. Majority of our courses are offered in the group setting. We typically have 14 kids with a maximum of 16 kids per course.

Individual rates start at $59.99 per 45 minute session

Group rates start at $49.99 per 2 Hour Session


College for Kids

Bricks and Brushes holds LEGO® themed courses at NMC during College for Kids series here in Traverse City, Michigan during the summers.


Birthdays and Private Parties!

We have the ability to creatively cater your party. We offer Birthday Party Courses that are a hassle free way to ensure that everyone leaves with growing mind and an incorporated gift.

Courses start at 2 Hours Long and $37.99 per Kid with minimum of 8 kids.

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