IPR Interview with Christina Collins

IPR interview with Christina Collins

Why Lego?
By Monique Parsons

After Christina Collins lost her job in Traverse City, she turned her attention to art and to Legos. She says they teach patience.

"Something you're building will break in your hands and you will get very frustrated and have to put it back together," she says.

Collins is fanatical enough to have a Lego tattoo on her wrist and she recently had a chance to work with Lego masters for an exhibit at the History Center of Traverse City. The exhibit, which closes Labor Day, features replicas of landmarks including the Statue of Liberty and the Mackinac Bridge.

Play our audio story to find out why Christina Collins says Legos aren't just for kids. And you can try building with a Lego master Saturday, as he constructs a replica of a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter. The event starts at 10:00am.

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